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Are you a creditor finding it daunting to recover loaned-out money? Having outstanding debts taking forever to settle may affect the operation of your business, and you don’t ever want that to happen. That’s why hiring a professional to help you amicably retrieve debts can be your best option. We can contact your debtors on-site and talk them into clearing their loans and help you recover bounced cheques in a hassle-free approach.


Our experience with debt recovery in Dubai has shown that mediation and dispute resolution is the quickest and most effective way to recover loaned-out money. Due to this, our skilled experts first try to mediate and effectively communicate with debtors to collect the debts without compromising relationships.

Once we resolve the dispute through mediation, both parties will enter a written settlement agreement. In instances where debtors become unresponsive to contacts and attempts of an amicable settlement, our team will immediately commence an investigation to ascertain that the debtor is still within reach.

Whatever the case may be, our priority remains to avoid expensive litigation and ensure an amicable resolution. Nonetheless, if both parties are unable to reach a mutual settlement, the assigned professional attorney from our sister law firm, Alramsy Advocates and Legal Consultancy, will kickstart the litigation phase on behalf of the creditor without extra lawyer fees. We will send out a legal notice that holds your debtor liable to settle the debt, together with any fines. Now, if the debtor doesn’t respond accordingly and still delays paying the debt, our sister law firm will proceed to take the case to court. After that, the debtor will receive a notification of the court date. If perhaps the debtor refuses to take action or respond to the notification, the court will then pass a default judgment that favors the creditor.

Pursuing clients for unpaid debts can be time-consuming and distracting for your business. Hiring a debt collection agency like Quick Action allows you to focus on other important tasks while we work diligently to recover your funds.

While some services offered by debt collection agencies and law firms overlap, they also differ in significant ways.

For example, debt collection agencies like Quick Action typically aim for amicable resolutions, using methods like emails, phone calls, and person-to-person contact. Persistent communication often persuades debtors to settle without court involvement.

However, when debt collection efforts are unsuccessful due to the debtor’s nonchalant attitude, that’s when our sister law firm, Alramsy Advocates and Legal Consultancy, steps in. They can take additional measures, such as preparing legal notices and paperwork to schedule a court date, without extra legal fees. This ensures you have the full spectrum of services, from amicable debt recovery to legal action, making Quick Action the go-to debt collection agency in Dubai.

Talk about advanced skip-tracing technology and up-to-date debt collection tools; our professional experts are equipped to the teeth to handle any disputes or concerns you may have regarding unpaid debts.

Whether your debtors are individuals or organizations in the UAE or outside the UAE, our experienced legal team can help you get in touch with them in a bid to recover the money. With our track record of success over the years, we have handled virtually all kinds of cases, including those where credit agreements have long expired.

So, if a loaned out money is taking donkey years to settle and you’re already frustrated and tired of arguing with your debtors, reaching out to us can help you recover your money effortlessly. Our team is available to listen attentively to your situation and help you with tailored solutions that will recover your outstanding debt faster than expected.

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Our high quality services ensures the easiness of your process and fast results.